LFacting Workshops


online coaching available

• for actors, singers
• art development
• people with speech difficulties
• team bonding

  • Program: Synthesis Out of Comfort Zone
  • Exercise: Reverse Dramaturgy

“I feel like I have been waiting for this to happen my whole life. Reaching this point of freedom. And I can tell it’s just the beginning. And I feel like I’m to the point where I’m free enough to just play, if that makes sense. More open and to the moment than ever.” Rose D. N., actor – Los Angeles

“His purpose isn’t to teach you a technique, but to free you of technique.” Louiza Z., actor/writer – Los Angeles

“Labros has re-built me. He has given birth to me, again.” Dionysia T., (craniocerebral injury and speech challenges) Athens

“It was scary, intimidating, challenging, confusing, mind-blowing, and inspiring all at the same time. Everything I learned from those two days has popped up and been helpful in every artistic process I’ve been a part of since then. And I know I’ve only just barely scratched the surface. If you are a performing artist of any kind, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and take this workshop. It’s delicious and life-changing.” Anna P., dancer – New York

“He changed our lives” Anna T.P., singer/actor – New York

“Labros Filippou mixes – in a magic way – truth, life, theater and the constant flow of Time, that follows you everywhere and always. LFacting, thank you for a wonderful workshop, a life changing experience! Can’t wait for the next one!” Prova art group – Zurich

“The energy of Labros as a teacher allows you to see above your everything, your fears, limits and even your vision.” Alexandra F., actor – Athens, GR

“After a meeting with Labros you’ll be a free bird ready to fly high !!!” Stephania S., actor – Athens, GR

Labros Filippou is a Greek born, NYC based, Teacher of Drama & Stage Performance, as well as a multi-disciplinary artist.

His natural curiosity about art and life pivotally catapulted his philosophy that artistic expression needs to be nurtured with freedom and truth.

Since 2009 he has been mentoring artists from all over the world. Actors, directors, performers, musicians, singers, intermedia artists and other professionals who implement their artistic and oratory craft via their voice, body and the spoken word. In 2015, he founded LFacting in Los Angeles, CA.


Labros believes that in order to achieve pure artistic expression, one must break free of all techniques and beliefs about what that art form is. Acting, to him, is not about being smart. It’s about re-acting.

innovative online acting workshops also available

Labros’ lessons embed you with a philosophy, an understanding rather, about acting for camera, being on stage, breathing on stage, standing strong, true and free with your own power and voice as an artist.

“His purpose isn’t to teach you a technique, but to free you of technique.”

His longterm affair with music, strongly influenced him and led to the understanding and revelation that speech is a music partiture. The performers become the conductors of their own words.

“Labros’ job is not to make you a better artist. Let’s just say that he is the best assistant you could have, as you embrace your own vision, as you become the Teacher of yourself, as you realize that you always have been. In any case, he wouldn’t be able to make you anything you’re not.”

“Labros is not here to save you. He is here to let you know that there’s no way you can be saved by anyone else but yourself. The responsibility is 100% yours, for all the success and all the failure. This is pure power.”

* The above quoted texts regarding the work and philosophy of  Labros Filippou, are formulated by statements from his students and collaborators throughout the years.

Labros Filippou’s statement

Having collaborated in my classes with great scientists from the field of mathematics, physics and neuroscience, whom I invited as guest lecturers, I understood in depth that what has been a need for the actor to be taught fifty or a hundred years ago, today is a given. Acting is a living organism. It evolves along with human expression, year by year, decade by decade, century by century. So, the less the information running amuck in one’s brain, the more organic the performance. Instead of constantly giving notes and directions to the actor, I’d rather give them “nothing”. Instead of leading them through an acting method and form, I’d rather take them out for a stroll in the real world and suggest that they speak with their real unique voices. I’d rather guide them into deeply delving into the relationship within a scene, before breaking down any character. Then, they won’t even have to break it down. It’s already been broken down and revealed, while they were investing in the relationship. And this is what I call “Reverse Dramaturgy.”

Labros Filippou

Teacher of Drama and Stage Performance,
Acting Coach

with guest lecturer N. Lygeros (mathematician, strategic analyst)

Labros has also worked with rehabilitation centers (watch “ARGO” video), philanthropic organizations and people with challenges and is always open to new collaborations with organizations and groups of people for whom the vision of free expression in life and on stage is a way of living.