Acting is not about being smart. It’s about re-acting.cropped-12.jpg

“I feel like I have been waiting for this to happen my whole life. Reaching this point of freedom. And I can tell it’s just the beginning. And I feel like I’m to the point where I’m free enough to just play, if that makes sense. More open and to the moment than ever.” 

Labros Filippou is a well renowned Teacher of Drama and Stage Performance, as well as a multi-disciplinary artist, from Greece. His natural curiosity about art and life pivotally catapulted his philosophy that artistic expression needs to be nurtured with freedom.

Since 2009 he has been mentoring artists from all over the world. Actors, directors, performers, musicians, singers, poets, intermedia artists and other professionals who implement their artistic and oratory craft via their voice, body and the spoken word.


Labros believes that in order to achieve pure artistic expression, one must break free of all techniques and beliefs about what that art form is. Acting, to him, is not about being smart. It’s about re-acting.

Labros’ lessons embed you with a philosophy -an understanding rather- about acting, being on stage, breathing on stage, having real life as an inspiration, standing strong, true and free with your own power and voice as an artist.

“His purpose isn’t to teach you a technique, but to free you of technique.”

His longterm affair with music, strongly influenced him and led to the understanding and revelation that speech is a music partiture. Embracing this fact and philosophy is a rewarding experience, in that the spoken word becomes an intricately detailed path, drenched in raw truth and your instincts are the guiding light. The performer becomes the maestro of her/his own words.

“Labros’ job is not to make you a better artist or a more dynamic performer on stage or in front of a camera. Let’s just say that he is the best assistant you could have, as you embrace your own vision, as you become the Teacher of yourself, as you realize that you always have been.

In any case, he wouldn’t be able to make you anything you’re not.”

“The most intriguing part of working with him, is that he will help you build a solid foundation so you develop your personal artistic voice. And after a while, you won’t need him anymore.”

* The above quoted texts regarding the work and philosophy of  Labros Filippou, are formulated by statements from his students and collaborators throughout the years.

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Labros has also worked with younger age people, rehabilitation centers, philanthropic organizations and people with special needs and is always open to new collaborations with organizations and groups of people for whom the vision of free expression in life and on stage is a way of living.

photo credits : 1, 2 – M. Rafail / 3 – K. Kourou / 4, 5, 6 – Al. Giannakakis / 7 – V. Tsatsaba


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