“Acting is not about being smart. It’s about reacting.”

Labros Filippou is a well renowned multi-disciplinary artist from Greece. His natural curiosity about art in all its forms pivotally catapulted his philosophy that artistic expression needs to be nurtured with freedom. Since 2009 he has been mentoring artists from all over the world.  Labros believes that in order to achieve pure artistic expression, one must break free of all ‘techniques’ and beliefs about what that artform is. As an acting coach, he brings out raw elements of yourself that you never thought you had or didn’t know how to tap into. Acting to him is not about being smart, it is about re-acting. Labros’ acting lessons embed you with a philosophy – an understanding rather – about acting, being on stage, breathing on stage, having real life as an inspiration, standing strong with your own power and voice as an artist. His purpose isn’t to teach you a technique, his purpose is to free you of technique. To Labros is doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a veteran in art. He helps you unlock your power source and realize who you are and what you can do for your career and for your life. He is as much of a life coach as he is an acting coach. The most intriguing part of having him as a acting mentor is that he gives you such a solid base and you start to develop such a strong artistic voice, that after a while you don’t need him anymore!
**All of the above text is not a resume of Labros Filippou. It is a text made from the opinions of his students and collaborators about Labros’ philosophy and work.


Introductory class / $130 (Both the teacher and the student will decide if they are a proper fit.)
Private Class / $180 for 2 hours

Group rates:
5 people / $70 per person for 3.5 hour lesson
4 people / $80 per person for 3.5 hour lesson
3 people / $90 per person for 3 hour lesson
2 people / $100 per person for 2.5 hour lesson

** Minimum purchase (for both private and group classes) is 5 lessons.
***Installment plans available upon request.
*****To book Labros Filippou as an acting coach for your next film project,
please contact Marie at info@labrosfilippou.com.






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