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Classes are available to actors, singers, musicians and every professional in performing arts who desires to express themselves with freedom and truth.

  • Choose amongst a private or a joined class (up to 2 people).
  • Group classes (4-8 people) available.
  • Check Workshops section for Workshops near you (6-16 people).


  • A New Section of classes in LFacting has just started and will soon come to fruition. These classes and Intensive Workshops will be available for school teachers, professors, sports team coaches and athletes, tutors in orphanages and prisons and rehabilitation centers. If you think of any social team that is not included in the above, please let us know.
  • Also, there will be announcements regarding workshops for artistic groups that already work professionally or people who would like to form a new artistic group in performance arts. Labros Filippou will work with the group and build a project from scratch. These artistic groups can be a combination of actors, performers, singers, musicians, dancers, multimedia artists and so on.

Ask a question at

  • Installment plans available upon request.
  • To book Labros Filippou as an acting coach for your next film, please contact:
  • Skype classes are available upon request. Rates vary accordingly.

Choose one of the above and send an email with your name, age, and artistic field.
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Would you like to Audit an LFacting class?
Send an email at and we’ll get back to you.


LFacting studio is not a studio. As an important part of the LFacting practice and philosophy, this class may take place in multiple locations.

The class may take place at your favorite restaurant, at the park, on Hollywood Blvd, on your living room with friends invited, breaking all the studio-class patterns and comfort zones and bringing reality on board.

The non-studio thing might become the new comfort zone, though. So, there will be classes and workshops that will take place in a studio. There are multiple ways to break a form, anyhow.

See Workshops section to find dates for studio classes.