Rates / Locations

Private Classes:
$180 for 2 hours
$270 for 3 hours
• Introductory class / 25% off

* One hour classes (urgent auditions, filming periods etc.) are available only to students who have worked with Labros Filippou in the past.

Group rates:
$240 for 2 people – 2 hours (joined class)
$400 for 4 people – 4 hours

* Group classes’ rates for more than 4 people vary according to the number of students and hours of training.
Ask a question at lfacting3@gmail.com.


– Installment plans available upon request.
– To book Labros Filippou as an acting coach for your next film project, please contact: lfacting3@gmail.com.

• Skype classes are available upon request. Rates vary accordingly.


As an important part of LFacting’s innovative philosophy, this class takes place in multiple locations.
Most important to notice here, is that the class can take place at your favorite restaurant or in the park or Hollywood Blvd, in your living room with friends invited, breaking all the studio class patterns and bringing reality on board. The indoor classes take place at 1217 N Berendo, 90029.