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Classes are available to actors, performers, singers, musicians, dancers, directors, writers, dramaturges, poets and every professional in performing arts who desires to express themselves with freedom and truth.

Choose amongst:

  • private or joined class (1-3 people) – online too
  • group classes (4-8 people) – online too
  • workshops (8-14 people) – check section for Workshops near you or invite one sending an email.
  • special teaching events ( ‘out of comfort zone’ masterclasses & team bonding workshops) for private groups, sports clubs, businesses, organizations, universities, high schools, rehabilitation centers and more.
  • workshops (soundbaths – training) for amateurs and professionals of all levels.
  • online workshops:
    a) artist-in-residence and external witnesses (open to artists and scientists)
    b) out of comfort zone


New Section of classes:

team-bonding-online-acting workshops

  • LFacting just started developing classes and Intensive Workshops for school teachers, professors, sports team coaches and athletes, tutors in orphanages and prisons, rehabilitation centers and more.
  • Also, workshops for artistic groups that already work professionally or people who would like to form a new artistic group in performance arts are available. Labros will work with the group and build a code for the team to be able to work without his guidance later on, and to develop a project from scratch. These artistic groups can be combinations of actors, performers, singers, musicians, dancers, poets, multimedia artists and so on.
  • Last but not least, Labros also works with groups of younger people and/or elderly who are already part of a school team or a creative community or would like to create one and looking to build a code of work between them. Together, we’ll reinvent acting and music as a game, life as an opportunity to express ourselves, life as a game. The amateur performer will become the leader.

    Ask a question at
  • Installment plans available upon request.
  • To book Labros Filippou as a coach on set for your next film or in studio for music recordings, bands, artistic director for projects, spaces, events, please contact:
  • Online classes are available upon request. Rates vary accordingly.

Send an email with your name, age and artistic field.
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