Teaching Programs

LFacting Workshops
NYC | ATH | online
  • for actors, singers
  • art development
  • people with speech difficulties (see program 7)
  • team bonding

Classes are available to actors, performers, singers, musicians, dancers, directors, writers, dramaturges and every professional in performing arts.

Also available, workshops for non-professionals, who would like to express through the theatrical act. Stay tuned for announcements – follow @lfacting.

See teaching programs below.

team-bonding online acting and performance workshops available

Teaching programs:


1. Private or joined classes (1-3 people).

Ongoing Workshops

2. Out of comfort zone workshop (available also online).
The philosophical axis of this work is the ‘out of comfort zone’ condition, and the purpose of it is freedom of expression. The exercise I suggest is called ‘Reverse Dramaturgy’ and it is a reverse dramaturgical process and a study on the Architecture of Relationships. (see Teaching Philosophy section for more info)

3. Artist-in-residence and external witnesses (available also online)
Up to six artists participate in a project development workshop. We work on each artist’s project as the rest are witnessing the procedure of the development, giving feedback at the end of every session. Every participant goes through the position of the ‘artist-in-residence’ and the ‘external witness’.

Sound-bath & Performance

4. Sound-bath & performance workshop open to non-professionals and/or professionals of all levels.
This workshop includes a cleansing sound-bath session. It is a combination of the LFacting philosophy and practice, and the AtBC sound-bath. Byzantine hymns, Shamanic voice drones, animal voices and countertenor vocals act as a cleansing mechanism in this workshop.

team-bonding online acting and performance workshops available

Team bonding and code development

5. Team bonding workshops for private professional groups, such as sports teams, businesses, organizations and more. We build together a unique communication code, that helps the team move forward “speaking the same language”.

6. LFacting works with groups of older people living in houses for the elderly and looking to build a code between them, so that they can be creative together in a more artistic way. Ask a question.

Voice coaching

7. You know what they say: “if you have difficulty speaking, better sing it!” LFacting works with people with speech difficulties. Watch video.

On set

8. You can book Labros as a coach on set for your next film or in the studio for music recordings, bands, artistic director for projects, spaces, events. Installment plans available upon request.

If you did not find what you were looking for in the above, suggest a workshop and we take it from there.

Thank you!