The Documentaries

This is a teaser for the Athens documentary – find full documentary below

A documentary by Alex Giannakakis (@alegi__)

This is a hug / Announcing the first @lfacting documentary

This is a hug we couldn’t include in the final edit of the first @lfacting documentary we’ve been preparing with the great @alegi__ . 

This hug didn’t fit the edit flow, but I chose it to announce the launching of this first documentary we produced.

This hug represents the intimate and true work flow I’ve been experiencing with everyone who’s been supporting my teaching work through tough and beautiful, but mostly, revealing years. 

This is @ariskallergis hugging here, a brilliant collaborator at @yianneis, a student and a contributor in more than a few workshops and a true friend throughout life.   

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The production has already been done and continues to take place (post production), by myself and my other half in this work, the great Alex Giannakakis (@alegi__), who has been putting tons of creative hours in this work, sometimes with passion, sometimes with love, sometimes with both, a few times a bit tired, but never losing faith! Thank you @alegi__ !   

With your support, we’ll be able to produce more of those. If you don’t donate today, we’ll keep producing, but maybe a bit more tired. Still, never losing faith!  Thank you all! Grace and gratitude~ ❤️✌️🙏

Watch documentaries here: