Workshops for ALL

video by @alegi__

All people have to do their need. Help me make this true.

Whenever and wherever a new LFacting workshop takes place, I am willing to do, under the right circumstances, a parallel workshop in the same period of time, for groups of people with limited opportunity. Not all the people, organizations and communities have the power and funds to host a workshop, though. I need your support to make this happen.

LFacting has already opened new collaborations and discussions with organizations and programs, as well as schools and foundations, in order to travel around the world and do acting and stage performance workshops about freedom of expression for children, adults and seniors with limited opportunity. A documentary series about this project is also in the works.

Help my vision come to fruition with LFacting workshops taking place in orphanages, prisons, rehabilitation centers and programs (see video), nursing homes, areas and cities with very limited opportunity due to poverty, people with special needs and other communities around the world.

Donate any amount to support this vision. You will be able to see news regarding the “Workshops for ALL” program by LFacting in the Workshops section of this website.

If you are an organization/foundation/community that would like to invite an LFacting workshop to your city, please contact .